Whether you are flying solo and ready to find "The One,” or you are in a committed relationship that needs just a little (or anywhere in between), I’m here to help you with my signature 8-week online course, focusing on self-love to receive more love.

This online group class starts September 18, 2020. Spots are limited to 10 people because I will customize the process for you to make sure you get the best results.

Do you love yourself?
Did you know that self-love is the single most important factor to truly lasting love with your partner and healthy relationships in all areas of your life?

That’s why I’m here—to help you discover how you can improve your self-love practice and start feeling like a winner in love!

We all fall into the trap of pleasing others and sacrificing our own happiness for someone else’s. But unless you take care of yourself, you cannot take care of others. Putting your well-being as priority is the best gift you can give to your partner and to your relationships.
I want to get on a phone call with you to help you identify which area of your love life you need help with most and what you can start doing now in order to open your love energy channel to start receiving it into your life. The call is absolutely free, and there are no strings attached!
Here’s what I want to share with you: You CAN have the relationship of your dreams and you DO deserve the perfect love life!

I want everyone to be happy, fulfilled and feel like they are winning in love, whether they are single or already in any type of relationship, that’s why I created this life-changing 8-week online course: Win in Love - Attract the love you deserve.

The main reason why people feel dissatisfied in their love life is because they lack the understanding and love of themselves. We often feel compelled to show love to others in our life, but forget to give it to ourselves. We also have high expectations and believe that "someone else" is going to make us happy, while forgetting that everything we want and the happiness we crave is largely dependent on ourselves.

That's why this one-of-a-kind online course is going to help you attract more love into your life, by doing the work on yourself first.

Do you feel that you are ready for:
  • A strong and confident sense of self to present to the world?
  • Becoming your own "dream woman" or "dream man"  that is worthy of love?
  • ​Self-respect and admiration that will attract the same from your present or future partner?
  • ​Having a satisfying and fulfilling relationship with yourself?
  • ​​A loyal and honest relationship with your "dream" partner full of mutual love?
  • ​Growing and building a life together with your ideal partner?
  • How to practice self-love, to enjoy a healthy relationship and be available for love to come into your life
  • How to become the ideal version of yourself that your current or future partner will fall in love with (over and over again) 
  • ​How to create and design your perfect partner that is worthy of your love (if you are still single)
  • ​How to improve the quality of your current relationship and make it "unshakable" (if you already have a partner)
  • How to ​attract love and respect from a potential or current partner without frustration and negotiations 
  • ​How to enjoy your life in the present moment and stop waiting for happiness that depends on another person
  • ​How to balance your female/male energy so you are not looking to fill what is missing from another person
Whether you are currently single or in a committed relationship (or anywhere in between) this course is for you. The value of true self-love, total self-acceptance and becoming the person of your own dreams is priceless!
Book your spot now for just $375 USD!
This price will only be available for a limited time, so go ahead and book your 15 min free game-changer call with me — absolutely free, and there are no strings attached.

Here's what you will get when you sign up:

● 1 personal 60-minute energy healing session with me to remove blocks and align your vibration
● 8 Live video lectures (that you can rewatch anytime) with Live Q&A's
● 1 Autographed copy of my Book: "I AM WINNING - A Guide to Personal Empowerment
● An E-book: "6 Steps to Attract the Love You Deserve"
Daily reminders, worksheets and fun self-practice assignments
Personal feedback and guidance on your submitted assignments
● Access to a private Facebook group with daily inspirational messages
Direct contact to me through WhatsApp for duration of the course
Customer service and technical support 24/7

This course is a $2,000 USD worth of video content, assignments, worksheets and personal mentorship!
I look forward to speaking with you one-on-one to help you enjoy happier relationships and self-love that you deserve!
Click the button above to book your most convenient available time slot.
Win in Love Testimonials & Success Stories
Maddison ~ Canada
“Taking this course opened up a whole new world inside of me I never knew existed! Learning how to manage my internal state and raise my love vibration changed my life! I now apply the techniques that Natalie shared with me every day to feel love for myself, the people around me and the world, which makes a huge difference to how I show up in my work and personal relationships.”
Nata ~ Thailand
“I loved taking this course. All the materials in the weekly Live sessions are very valuable to understand how to have a strong and healthy relationship. I discovered how to truly love myself and others on a deeper level. Having Natalie’s personal attention and advice during the weekly seminars and our 1-on-1 healing session is what sets her course apart from so many others on the market. With deeply introspective worksheets and questionnaires, beneficial self-practice assignments and daily inspirational posts on the Win in Love Facebook group, I now feel like a winner in life and in love!”
Steve ~ Bangkok
“Natalie is a true inspiration. She helped me face my issues of self love by relating to her own challenges, which made it super easy for me to understand. She is uplifting and full of love that really energised me throughout the course. She is a role model for personal growth and I'm happy to have had this great experience learning from her!”
Annie ~ USA
“I went through a recent breakup and the course really helped me heal and rediscover my strength in my most vulnerable and heartbroken moments. My biggest takeaway was learning to reconnect with the loving kindness inside me during this pain. There is no bitterness or resentment towards my ex anymore, but a calm acceptance and grounded surrender. I’m grateful that this course helped me transform an otherwise painful experience into an invaluable spiritual lesson.”
Bernz ~ Panama
“Before I signed up to Win in Love I couldn’t understand why my past relationships didn’t work out - I felt confused and lost in my own thoughts. Now, after learning all of these amazing energetic tools, like breathwork and analytical meditation, I have complete clarity about what happened before, the state that I am in now, and what I truly want in the future. Knowing that I deserve only the best possible love life has been a turning point in my life, and I am now more equipped to have a fulfilling and healthy relationship.”
Giuliana ~ Peru
"Having met Natalie and her team has been a game changer. Have you ever felt your life is on autopilot, that something is not moving forward? Or you are not happy with the stage you are in? There was a clear difference in my state before the course and after. Natalie is also so approachable, trustworthy, and authentic, which to me was really important! She truly cares about your progress and engages in a way that you feel you have a friend in her. She has so much knowledge on each topic that will help you achieve inner peace and increase your self-love with practical guidance. During and after all our workshops, I felt more confident and accountable about my potential in all aspects of life. I now feel that I am unstoppable!”
I am an author of two books, motivational speaker, and a winning-mindset coach. I won Miss Universe 2005 becoming the first immigrant to hold this title. I am passionate about empowering everyone to live life as winners while continuously striving to improve. On the personal front, I am a grateful mom to one beautiful daughter Maya, and I’m married to my “dream partner” Dean, who shares my philosophy in life, work and purpose to serve others. Follow our YouTube channel series Travelbook Family and The Winning Life Show where we encourage everyone to live their best life possible!
Priced at $375
Full money back guarantee! If for some reason you are not completely satisfied and would like to get your money back, you will be able to contact my team, submit all your worksheets and written assignments, and we promise to refund the full amount back to you. There is no risk to try this valuable online course!
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A big part of being a winner in LIFE is winning in LOVE!
Having Dean as my husband has fulfilled my life in ways I couldn’t even dream of before I met him - he is my best friend, lover, co-pilot, and partner in life, bigger purpose and higher consciousness! I can definitely say "I am winning in love!"

I believe that it is every person's birthright to have wonderfully fulfilling relationships and a partner to share this beautiful life with. Let me show you how claiming that right is easy and available to you in just a few short weeks!

I want to help you "have it all" and to "win it all" - starting with cultivating that self-love, which is the foundation for your dream life.

Self Love is the Best Love!

May you always be winning,
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